Chef's driven by fresh local produce

Ballarat and its surrounding region is a cornucopia of fresh farm produce. Craig’s chefs use local produce and seasonal specialties to ensure the ingredients are the freshest possible and dealing with local suppliers, there is a common goal to maintain consistency and display the region at its best.
A range of quality food suppliers includes the following:
Benview Farms Lamb
Mount Zero Olives
Black Cat Truffles
Great Ocean Road Duck
Mount Prospect Potatoes
Meredith Cheese

Tomboy Hill Wines                                   Wightwick Wines
Eastern Peak Wines                                 Michael Unwin Wines
Summerfield Wines                                 Warrenmang Wines
Sally’s Hill Wines                                        Clyde Park
Dog Rock Winery                                    Passing Clouds
Mt Langi Ghiran                                       Bests Wines  


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