A multi-million dollar restoration has returned this grand colonial building to its former glory. For owners John and Mary Finning, who purchased the hotel in 1999, the renovation has been a slow, painstaking yet exhilarating journey into the past.

Renovation of 41 elegant suites and rooms bedecked with antiques and, with a touch of the 21st century, plasma televisions hidden inside classy cabinets, (and sumptuous posturepedic mattresses in each room) is complete. The lavish Melba suite regal mahogany bed; the Tower Suite has sweeping views across Lydiard Street, and the Oriental Suite boasts a an elaborately carved 600 year-old Chinese wedding bed.

Walls are adored with unique gold leaf William Morris inspired wallpaper, collections of art hung in the many stairwells and hidden corridors and even the original gated lift has been restored for guests to enjoy the full experience of a trip back in time.

Inappropriate reconstructions created during the past 50 to 60 years, such as lowered ceilings, false walls, old services  and unsympathetic colour schemes have been removed, handmade brickwork restored and stunning archways and marble fireplaces uncovered. Even the original Craig’s Bar has been restored to its 19th century grandeur.

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